Planning Your Green Project

Our LEED-accredited staff will help you plan your green project, including mapping out a strategy to meet LEED (or other) certification program requirements. The costs of building green are not necessarily more than ‘normal’ construction; some sustainable building practices are already part of building code, and many green materials are comparable in cost. We can help with cost-benefit analyses of an investment in green appliances or systems.

Green Construction: We use FSC-certified wood and locally sourced materials whenever possible. We seal all gaps in framing and insulation with spray foam and caulk. We use low-VOC sealants and glues and specify low-flow plumbing fixtures. We also encourage clients to select low-VOC paints and flooring.

Waste Reduction: We recycle or re-purpose at least 75% of all waste materials.

Energy Efficiency: We install low-E windows suitable for the mid-Atlantic region and insulate better than code. We encourage use of spray foam for attic insulation and whole homes, and high efficiency EnergyStar appliances and HVAC equipment.

Green Technology: We can work with you to optimize your home for solar energy. We also have relationships with suppliers and technicians for advanced systems, including rainwater catchment and grey water reuse, zero net homes, and geothermal heat pumps.