We build green for the environment.

It has often been said that the greenest house is the one already built. By renovating an existing home, we reduce the impact on the environment by using less material, disturbing less undeveloped land, and making the existing home more efficient in its use of resources such as electricity and water.

Our sustainable building methods reduce your environmental footprint. These methods include:

  • Recycling as much construction waste as possible. We regularly are able to recycle 75% of our demolition and construction waste.
  • Using FSC-certified lumber that has been sustainably harvested.
  • Using low-VOC products, including sealants, glues and paints.
  • Installing high-efficiency heating and cooling, light fixtures, and plumbing fixtures to reduce energy and water use. This includes EnergyStar appliances and HVAC equipment with refrigerants that do not contribute to depletion of the ozone layer.
  • Employing rapidly renewable materials such as bamboo and cork flooring; products containing recycled materials such as countertops, roofing, insulation; and materials that are produced or found locally, such as reclaimed wood flooring.