We build green to improve the “health” of your home/building.

Americans spend an average of 70% of their time indoors; home and building air quality needs to be as clean as possible, and potentially hazardous materials should be avoided whenever possible. By using natural, renewable and/or chemical-free materials, your renovation will not only be healthier, but also often more durable. The following are some of the ways we keep your home healthy:

  • Using hard flooring (tile, wood, concrete, etc.) to prevent moisture and other contaminates often present in carpet. If you use carpet, make sure it is Green Label Plus certified.
  • Using MERV 8 or better air filters in your HVAC system to filter out more contaminants.
  • Selecting low-VOC paints to prevent the off gassing of chemical irritants over time.
  • Flushing out your HVAC system to ensure the system is fully free of dust and other contaminants.