A Look at a Waterproofing Solution for an Alexandria Office

April 27, 2021 | Braswell Team, Latest Post, Waterproofing

On rainy days, a little water would pool in the corner of this lower level Alexandria office. To investigate, Harry Braswell, Inc. Waterproofing removed a small section of wall and found clear evidence of water damage and mold growth. We recommended installing drainboard along both walls as the best solution to redirect water under the slab. If the volume of water entering the space had been higher, a sump pump would have been necessary; however, after discussions with the building manager, an outside place to discharge a sump pump was not available.

To minimize the disturbance to the office and control the dust generated during jackhammering and concrete mixing, we put up a plastic barrier to seal off the work area. We then removed drywall on either side of both exterior corners, demolished the concrete 10 inches off the wall, and dug down to the footer.

Drainboard was installed high enough to be just above grade to ensure it took care of any future leaks and then fully sealed with caulk around the top and edges to prevent those working in the office from future exposure to mold. Once the drainboard was installed, we brought in new gravel and poured the slab back.

Unlike other waterproofing companies, Harry Braswell, Inc. has the in-house capabilities to re-finish any work area. Our team refinished the drywall, painting, and flooring so this office could resume its normal operations as soon as possible.

With nearly four decades of experience renovating homes in Northern Virginia, Harry Braswell, Inc. has implemented thousands of waterproofing solutions. Our waterproofing division is focused on leveraging our experience and expertise to help you protect your home from water.

For more information or to request a free waterproofing consultation, visit braswellwaterproofing.com.

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