Edward L., Alexandria, Va.

February 8, 2016 |

February 8, 2016

“My wife and I live in a four-story townhouse in Old Town Alexandria with typical space constraints. The first challenge: move the clothes washer and dryer out of the kitchen (yes, the kitchen) to a floor closer to where most of the laundry is actually generated. We suggested the finished attic on the fourth floor. But the Braswell Design+Build team came up with a much better solution than we could have imagined. By appropriating a closet and hallway, they were able to create a full-size laundry area plus a greatly enlarged, elegant new master bath, which, together, have enough storage to make up for the lost closet. Brilliant. Having solved the laundry-in-the-kitchen problem, we were able to completely redo the kitchen from top to bottom and a myriad other things we had long wanted to do. Three months later, on time and within budget, we practically had a new house. Every step and facet of the project was expertly coordinated by Harry Braswell. Their design people all have degrees in architecture and the job supervisors are highly skilled craftsmen in their own right—and conscientious. Subcontractors were top quality. We highly recommend Braswell for any project.”