Behind the Renovations: Our Master Carpenters

December 18, 2017 | Braswell Team, Master Carpentry

If you were to ask Harry Braswell what makes his company different from other building firms, his first response would be “our people.” Our professional managers and designers are experts with degrees in architecture and design and years of experience. What makes us truly exceptional is their talents combined with those of our master carpenters! Our carpenters are seasoned craftsman, many of whom have been working for Harry for more than a decade. They care about your home as much as you do and demand perfection. Our high standards are behind every renovation, renovations built to last. We would like to introduce just a few of the incredible carpenters whose work has beautifully redefined DC area homes.

Dave Andrews, Master Carpenter

Master Carpenter, Harry Braswell, Inc.

Dave has been a carpenter for 38 years. He started working with Harry Braswell in 2004. A native of Fairfax, Va., Dave developed his love for carpentry while a teenager, and over the course of four decades, has truly developed his craft into high art.

An avid fisherman in his spare time, he participates in Potomac River bass tournaments.

Todd Bowdoin, Master Carpenter

Todd Bowdoin, Master Carpenter, Harry Braswell, Inc.

Todd was born and raised in coastal Maine, and started doing carpentry work for his uncle at age 13. He worked as a master timber framer in Augusta, Maine for 11 years before he and his family relocated to the DC area. He has been working with Harry Braswell since 2009.

In his spare time, he enjoys restoring vintage vehicles with his son.

Bruce Averitt, Master Carpenter

Bruce joined Harry Braswell in 1999. With more than 30 years of experience renovating homes, he is an accomplished professional who insists on precision. He studied architecture in college.

When he’s not spending time with his son, he enjoys designing and building furniture.

Brian Miller, Master Carpenter

Brian realized he wanted to be a builder during an architecture class in his freshman year of high school. He pursued a two-year carpentry program at Edison High School, and he’s been working with Harry since 1999.

When he’s not working, he enjoys throwing darts and fishing.

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