A Labor of Love: Adaptive Reuse of Old Barns at Temple Hall Farm Park in Leesburg, Va.

December 5, 2016 | Adaptive Reuse

Completed in 2012, the Temple Hall Farm Park Agri-Educational Center was a labor of love in adapting historic and abandoned barns for a new life in public spaces. Two barns slated for demolition were carefully disassembled and rebuilt to make the Center’s main hall and exterior colonnade.

The salvaged barn lumber for the main hall was recycled from a century-old 30 foot-by-40 foot barn in Conneaut, Ohio. A team of Amish workers disassembled the barn and loaded it on a tractor-trailer for Leesburg. The barn was reconstructed within the central meeting room where visitors can enjoy the texture and character of its hand-hewn timbers.

Temple Hall Farm Park entrance



We even reinstalled the original trolley and hay fork in the peak of the barn for visitors to see.

Temple Hall Farm Park Adaptive Reuse Hayfork

The timbers for the colonnade were reused from an abandoned old barn in Leesburg, Va.   

Temple Hall Colonnade

Projects like these reinforce the values on which we at Harry Braswell, Inc. pride ourselves: a respect for our history and a caring for the environment through preservation and adaptive reuse.

See more pictures of the LEED Gold-Certified Temple Hall project on our website.

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